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February 13 2019


February 13 2018


January 12 2018

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December 24 2017


December 22 2017

Its rare when you come across someone who's a crook, but today we had one named Richard. He stole over $460 from us. He new from the beginning he would scam us by telling lies of how he wouldn't pay via credit card b/c it was not secure. We were nice enough to go along with that and give him 30 days. At which point he kept saying he mailed the check or bill pay was sent. After 80+ days the bill has yet to have been paid. Legal action sadly is needed. 
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November 29 2017


Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is an important part of keeping your home truly clean. Sometimes vacuuming alone does not seem to cut it though. We all know the struggle of keeping our carpets looking like new. Spills and stains occur in our homes more often than we would like to admit. Don’t give up on your carpet just yet though! Vacuuming your carpets regularly definitely makes a difference in the home. It is important to get a deep cleaning done at least once a year though. For a safer, healthier, and cleaner home, Chem-Dry has set out to make this happen!
Chem-Dry carpet cleaning is a highly trusted company that believes and practices healthy and safe carpet cleaning. Chem-Dry uses a solution that is 100% green certified, kid and pet friendly! There are zero toxins within the cleaning solution used for carpet cleaning. (It is literally so safe that you can drink it!). The properties of this solution are tough enough that getting out set in stains and traffic areas is no problem!
It can seem like a hassle to schedule time out of your day to get your carpet cleaning done.  Luckily, Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning will dry within only 1-2 hours which means you will not need to tiptoe around your carpet for very long at all. You can get back to your day soon after the cleaning is done! Chem-Dry carpet cleaning cleans each individual fiber of your carpet which means the cleaning will last much longer! We recommend you get your carpets cleaned only every 6 months to a year depending on how much traffic you have in your household. This ensures that your carpet will not only be healthier but also last much longer!
Carpet cleaning is important for maintaining a healthy home for you, your family, and your guests. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning not only removes 98% of allergens from your carpet but also removes 89% of airborne bacteria which improves the air quality within your home. If this doesn’t sound clean enough to you, Chem-Dry also offers a sanitizer which will kill all of the germs and bacteria within your carpets making for a allergen and germ free home!
Before believing your carpets need to be replaced or that stingy stain wont come out. Give Chem-Dry carpet cleaning a call and receive the best clean your carpets could ever receive. Chem-Dry is 99% successful at removing all stains and traffic areas. If Chem-Dry cant get it out, nobody can. With our extraction process, all dirt is incased in bubbles that our heated solution creates. Then the bubbles are whisked away and removed from your home entirely. (This means that resurfacing is not an issue at all!) If spots do resurface though, Chem-Dry offers a 30 day guarantee which means they will come back out free of charge to perfect the carpet cleaning! 
Chem-Dry carpet cleaning has some other perks as well! Chem-Dry offers a protectant which will act as a barrier for your carpet. This will make it easier to clean up accidental spills and keep your carpet looking brand new! Chem-Dry also offers a deodorizer which will make your carpet smell amazing! (If you love the scent of fresh oranges as much as I do, you are going to love this!). 
Get your carpet cleaning done today and make Chem-Dry your regular carpet cleaning company. You will be left with a healthier, safer and cleaner home done by a carpet cleaning professional you can trust!

November 10 2017


Oasis Chem-Dry

How upsetting is it when you’re enjoying your day off watching TV and eating a delicious snack all to accidentally spill something on your couch? Mishaps happen and that is why we need to keep our upholstery cleaner in Phoenix on call! 

Our upholstery gets used on a daily basis, whether it is to relax and read a good book or lose ourselves in the newest episode of our preferred show. Think about all of the dirt and oil that has had the ability to be absorbed by that ever so loved couch or chair. Luckily, Oasis Chem-Dry has an upholstery cleaner in Phoenix! Your couch does not need to be the holder for all of those dirt particles, dust, and accidental spills. Do not just settle and accept the stains and dirt in your home (you know you deserve a clean and healthy home). 

Oasis Chem Dry’s upholstery cleaner in Phoenix can not only make your upholstery look brand new but can also remove 98%of all the bacteria with our sanitizer! Not only will your upholstery be bacteria free but so will the air within your home. Oasis Chem Dry’s upholstery cleaner in Phoenix uses our green certified solution that removes 89% of airborne bacteria from the air within your home. Our solution is safe for both children and pets and dries within 1-2 hours!

It is important to get your upholstery cleaned regularly because of how much dirt and bacteria gets trapped within the pillows and fabric. Oasis Chem-Dry’s upholstery cleaner in Phoenix has trained in upholstery cleaning, allergen and bacteria removal in order to make your sitting area the cleanest and healthiest it can be. Our upholstery cleaner in Phoenix specializes in much more as well!

Your upholstery includes much more than just couches and recliners. Do not forget that dining room chairs, patio chairs, leather seating, and mattresses also need to be cleaned by an upholstery cleaner in Phoenix. There is a lot to clean in your house already, allow Oasis Chem-Dry to help clear out those allergens from your upholstery and leave your house cleaner and healthier. 

If you happen to have pets all over your furniture as well we can help clean that also! (nothing beats cuddling with your pup on the couch after a long day). Oasis Chem-Dry’s upholstery cleaner in Phoenix can also remove the fur, oil, and urine your pet may have left on your upholstery! Do not force your pet to stay off your furniture for the sake of a cleaner couch. 

Oasis Chem-Dry’s upholstery cleaner in Phoenix has taken interest in protecting your furniture to make it easier to clean between cleanings also! We offer a protectant for your upholstery that will make it easier to wipe up stains and give your sofa an extra barrier so that it does not stain as easily! 

Get your Oasis Chem-Dry upholstery cleaner in Phoenix today! We are proud to provide you and your home with an exceptionally deep clean that will leave you and your home smelling an feeling better than ever before! 

October 10 2017


5 Tips to Help You With Your Upholstery Cleaning

What is the benefit to maintaining your upholstery and upholstery cleaning? Here are 5 tips to help you maintain your upholstery!

Tip 1: Hire professional help

If you belong to that category of people, you might not be able to invest your time in maintaining your upholstery. In such cases, you can simply hire professional help to take care of matters.

Tip 2: Using Scotchgard Fabric and Upholstery Protector

Products such as the Scotchgard spray do a perfect task of creating a barrier between your furniture and potential spills and stains. Scotchgard, in the simplest of terms, is basically a durable water repellent and a stain repellent that can be applied to a variety of items such as carpets, fabric, and furniture to provide them with protection from spills and stains.

Tip 3: Fabric

Were you aware of the fact that choosing the right fabric that is fitting for your lifestyle can help make maintaining your upholstery a lot easier? Well, you can protect your fabric by cleaning spills and stains immediately.

Tip 4: Having a uniform cleaning routine

It is advised for you to acquire upholstery cleaning products and have a uniform cleaning routine. You can also clean your upholstery by dry vacuuming the surface of fibers frequently.

Tip 5: Avoid heat at all costs

You should not use heat to dry your upholstery cleaning. While drying your upholstery, it is also advised for you to not do so under direct sunlight.

Finding The Best Glendale Arizona Carpet Cleaning Service In Glendale Arizona

Speak with clients who've used this carpet steam cleaner contractor prior to get their opinions. If references are positive, move forward in hiring your local Glendale Arizona Carpet Cleaning.

Prior to releasing payment, take a couple of days to look the work over to make sure you are happy with it. Always make use of a check or charge card to make payments, as this leaves documentation that could come in handy later.

Busy work schedules are typical of the best carpet steam cleaner contractors. Some folks may have doubts that their smaller project will not hold the interest of a Arizona contractor with so many potential jobs.

On occasions, the service provider may not have a full crew on hand, but as long as the project is progressing, that's not important. Be certain that both you and your service provider have signed a written agreement before the beginning of any work.

Many contractors may be less than truthful when they claim to be competent. Knowing what methods to use to find the most reliable Arizona contractor will greatly impact the results of your project.

Carpet cleaning contractors should always provide you with an accurate estimate. Never guess about a price after the project survey is done.

When you finalize a legal contract with a licensed carpet steam cleaner contractor, you are now equal parts of a team. If you 'd like to get a better idea of how your contractor's business is run, you can arrange to sign your paperwork at his office.
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